Links to some web-based resources/ideas which you can use to help kick-start your project work

1. Cyber-Fair Virtual Science Fair
2. International School Cyber Fair 2005
3. E-Journal of Student Research : Science
4. Science Fairs Homepage
5. Classroom Projects
6. The WWW Virtual Library : Science Fairs
7. Science Fair Project on the web
8. Science Fair Central
9. The Ultimate Science Fair Resource
10. IPL Science Fair Project Resource Guide
11. Successful Science Fair Projects
12. Science
13. Science Buddies
14. Free Science Fair
15. Kitchen Scientists: A Guide to Home Science Experiments
16. Rubber, Plastic... Top Science Project Ideas!

(Contributed by Mrs Julia Lew)
1. Digital Library and Archives
An archive of online journals and research papers compiled by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

2. Managing Statistics:
UCLA Academic Technology Services
Creating Your Own Survey in 10 Minutes

(Contributed by Mrs Tan Wan Yu)
Research Methods Knowledge Base by Bill Trochim
Qualitative Research Workbook by C. George Boeree

4 2 eXplore : Inventors and Inventions

Created by students for students
The ThinkQuest Library is a free educational resource featuring over 7000 websites created by students around the world as part of a competition.
Note: Thinkquest is sunsetting its activities as of 30 June 2013. Please read link HERE.

(Contributed by Mrs Laura Ng)
1. Children's Literature & Language Arts Resources
2. Language Arts lesson plans
3. The Educator's Reference Desk
4. The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

(Contributed by Mrs Mok Shiueh Ling)
1. Service Learning Singapore
2. Campus Compact
3. Corporation for National & Community Service (CNS)
4. Do something
5. Join Together
6. Make a Difference Day
7. National Dropout Prevention Center
8. National Society for Experiential Education
9. National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC)
10. Points of Light Foundation
11. The International Partnership for Service Learning & Leadership
12. The Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning
13. SERVEne

1. Mathematics Projects
2. Mathematics Projects in Science Fairs