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(Updated on 2 Jan 2014)


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Do you have a brilliant idea on how to improve or extend the use of existing resources?

For the Resource Development Category, there are two main types of resources that you can create:

1. You can create resources to provide users with in-depth content or even an aid to learning a new skill.
Completed projects can be in the form of a website, brochure, video, board game or even a mobile app. You can also choose to submit a combination of these.
Some recent examples of successful Resource Development Projects include ‘Secondary One Orientation Package – Hwa Chong History’ (2010), ‘Sec 1s OUI!’ (2011) and ‘Sugar De-rush’ (2012).

2. This is a new addition to the Resource Development Category.
You can create resources to teach a concept, topic or skill based on any academic subject.
Completed projects should be in the form of a teaching and learning package which must include lesson plans, worksheets, teaching aids and a compulsory video clip.

Both the process and product outcomes of the project are important. Develop a stronger awareness of things around you; observe situations around you; communicate with people from all walks of life. And you are likely able to identify needs that require resources which you can create to meet!

Check out the rubric for Cat-4 to better understand the criteria used to judge your project.

(Updated on 2 Jan 2014)

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