Important information regarding Projects Registration

Project registration is completed. Now on to the project work itself.
Posted: 1 Mar 2014

For Mentors: to process the group applications, click on this LINK to understand the steps to be taken.
Posted: 22 Jan 2014

For Students: the link to the Registration Portal can be found on the i-Comp. Click HERE to understand the registration steps.
Posted: 22 Jan 2014

Projects Competition is now opened for registration. Registration will close as follow:
FOR ALL LEVELS : 28 Feb (Fri), Term1, Week8
Posted: 21 Jan 2014

You will need to observe some protocols in starting up your project work:
1. Form a team of up to 4 members, preferably from your own class, own consortium.
2. Read up.. brainstorm.. decide on what type of project that your group would like to embark on.
3. Write up a short proposal about your project.
4. Decide on which teacher you would like to have as your prospective mentor.
5. Make an appointment to meet up with your prospective mentor to discuss your proposal.
6. Prospective mentor may ACCEPT or REJECT or ask that your proposal be amended.
7. When ready, the leader of the group will go online to register the project and the members.
8. Members must go online to AGREE to be in the group.
9. Mentor will go online to APPROVE the group and the project.
Posted: 9Jan 2014

If you are looking for teachers to be your prospective mentor, this LIST may be useful.
Posted: 8 Jan 2014

Students are advised to ensure that your HCI network log-in account is active. This is to enable you to sign the Ethics Agreement online before being allowed to carry out the Projects Registration.
Posted: 6 Jan 2014

It is compulsory for all pupils from Sec 1 to Sec 4 to participate in the Projects Competition. The research skills gained in the course of the project work will stand a pupil in good stead in the years to come.
Posted: 5 Jan 2014

Before registering your project, it is advisable to consult your prospective mentor first. This is to avoid having your project rejected and thereafter spending unnecessary time to re-register your group again.
Posted: 4 Jan 2014

All pupils will sign up for ONE project in the Projects Competition. This is to insist that the pupil will channel his energy and focus his time to do a very good project.
Posted: 3 Jan 2014

Some points to take note regarding team formation:
1. A team will be made up of 4 or less members.
2. Each team must have a HCI teacher as a mentor.
3. If a team wishes to have more than 4 but less than 6 members, other than the usual approval from a HCI mentor, approval from the respective Category Manager will have to be sought, during online registration.
4. If a team wishes to have more than 6 members, the team leader will see the Projects Manager personally to discuss further.
5. A team can include members from another HCI consortium, from another school (external members should be of similar age group, i.e. from Sec 1 to Sec 4), from another country (age group applies too). A piece of good advice: pupils are strongly urged to consider recruiting members from within the same consortium, and better still if it is within the same class; this will benefit members greatly when it comes to time management and meeting up regularly as a group and with mentors (this piece of wise advice was given by seniors who have gone through 4 years of project work).
6. If a team includes external members, there should be at least 2 members from HCI in the team.
Posted: 2 Jan 2014